KFV has long been a success story with innovative locking mechanisms – and now KFV turns 150 years!

Today KFV is an important part of the hardware group Siegenia but its roots date back to 1868 as the founder Karl Fliether opened a forge in Velbert, Germany. He was only 16 years old at the time. With good management and creative ideas he changed his company from a handicraft business to a manufacturing business.

Through four generations of the family, the name became well known for quality products. In the beginning, these were simple door and cabinet locks but changed over time to complex locking mechanisms for external doors, and culminated with the development of multi-point locks. These new locks have proven to be by far the most secure and reliable locking solution on the market.

Thanks to pointing the way with innovations in the area of electromechanical locking and unlocking systems, KFV entered a growth spurt which saw the staff numbers grow sixfold within just a few decades.

Since 2006 KFV has been a part of the Siegenia Group, and KFV’s position has been strengthened through logistical and strategic action as well as extensive investments. Today, KFV is one of the leading lock manufacturers in Europe through outstanding new developments, and covers with its product range the whole field of modern locking systems for doors.

The 150-year history will be acknowledged throughout the year in numerous ways including at the Fensterbau 2018 where the German market leader of multi-point locking will have on display its continued innovation with a diverse range of new products. The highlight is the release of the brand new KFV module system, which not only enables easy installation but also features many advantages for the end user.

For questions or to order KFV locking systems for your projects or products contact the friendly staff at Siegware on +61 3 5368 1181.