The Siegware stand at the Australian Window Association (AWA) conference was a success, with a large number of visitors over the 3 days asking questions and getting information on the latest hardware innovations – the perfect opportunity to showcase our products, and meet and greet. In fact, the conference had its best turnout ever, in its 30 year history!

The recent conference has again featured excellent guest speakers on a variety of topics, including future trends for windows and doors, which includes better insulation and automation.

One of the guest speakers was Ralf Diller from Siegenia Germany who provided a history and trends of windows and doors in Europe, UK, China and India and what the Australian window industry can learn from the mistakes of these markets.

The need to lower energy use as energy prices rise brings us to the next trend: better insulated products. While single glazed (especially aluminium products) are still prevalent in the market, this will change with the new National Construction Code changes as well as grassroots driven. Not only are thermally better frame materials a must but also double glazing, coated glass, self-tinting glass etc. to increase energy efficiency and comfort.

Energy efficient windows mean a more stable temperature within the home, year round without mechanical means, which translates to a reduction in heating and cooling costs for your clients.

Seals and multi-point locking for increased security and draft reduction will be a part of every window and door in the future. There is a break-in every 3 minutes, with 80% of all break-ins via windows and doors, and only around 8% of burglaries gain access by smashing the glass. Vent secure is a new Siegenia product which allows for comfort and security while providing ventilation, and Siegware offers the latest multi-point locking hardware for your needs.

Smart home automation is on the rise with not only door locks integrated into home control systems, but also windows that open and close according to temperature or rainfall, external shading activated due to weather conditions, or even glass changing to darker tints, all either fully automated or controlled by smart phones etc.

Other session were on topics like the Australian housing market, product compliance, updates on the window industry, a world view on double glazing, high performance windows and facades, a window to the future and AWA technical updates, and a WERS masterclass.

Should you wish to receive Ralf’s powerpoint presentation, please let us know and we will email it to you in a pdf format.