Andrew and Tony were part of the 190,000 visitors at the BAU Expo in Munich at the end of April, gaining insights into all the newest products on show.

The 2260 exhibitors from 49 countries included the following topics which might also become significant for the Australian building industry:

  • Façade insulation and secondary façade insulation
  • Prefabrication and materials to streamline the building processes
  • Lifting equipment like site cranes to make work easier on the building site
  • Solutions to reduce or eliminate thermal bridging in building envelopes
  • Level thresholds with drainage and thermal breaks
  • Screws, bolts, connectors for the timber construction industry
  • Timber finishes, paints & lasurs
  • Software apps to manage onsite work and service personnel.

The new NCC regulations require better building insulation as well as level entry points to buildings, all of which have already been done in Europe. Items that reduce thermal bridging can include tapes or solutions for window installations.

With the growth of solid timber construction (SIPS, CLT, etc) connectors become an important part, and particular screws, and of course low VOC timber finishes.

Siegware has these items in stock in Australia and also ships to New Zealand.

BAU Expo in Munich
BAU Expo in Munich