Siegware is proud to have a certified Passive House Tradesperson on staff and congratulates Andrew Ferguson on the successful completion of the course.

As stated on the Australian Passive House website: ‘A PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) is equipped to implement the Passive House building standard. They have passed the accreditation exam issued by the international Passive House Institute, and they are in a unique position to work with design teams that have targeted Passive House certification as a project goal.’

Passive House is a holistic construction certification standard that started in Germany in 1988 and became a worldwide movement. It is based on buildings being suitable for location and usage, and having the benefits of being healthy, comfortable, resilient, easy to operate, affordable to run and quiet.

A Passive House building is designed and built in accordance with five building-science principles: airtightness, thermal insulation, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, high performance windows and thermal bridge free construction.

To serve our customers even better, Siegware now has a Passive House Tradesperson on staff. For Passive House construction items, e.g. wraps, tapes and airtightness products, please contact Andrew at Siegware on 03 5368 1181 or

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