Siegware provides innovative solutions with the range of connectors and accessories from Sherpa that make assembly an easy and quick process when compared to conventional methods. The wide range of products facilitates the creation of a tailor-made, secure and efficient solution for any task. The high level of prefabrication and the rapid assembly of these standardised connectors guarantee economic implementation of the most varied projects. 

Connectors consist of two aluminium plates that lock together in a classic dovetail connection. The ingenious system permits safe load absorption in, opposite and across the direction of insertion. The CLT connector is a coupling element for angle joints, t-joints and longitudinal joints, wall to ceiling connections, as well as ceiling joints.

From connections in timber engineering through to roof and wall components to mixed and specialty structures with steel and concrete, anything is possible.

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Assembly Series

Concrete & Steel

Timber Series

Lock Screws

Special Screws

Sherpa product videos:

Created for easy reference, Sherpa have created a series of videos offering further information on the development and applications of connectors and complimenting products.

Timber, Concrete & Steel Connectors – Introduction:

In the SHERPA Connector CS series, the tongue plate features a thicker backing plate and perpendicular holes. They can be used with concrete screws, steel expansion anchors, bonded anchor systems and steel construction bolts.

Timber Connectors:

Each system connector consists of a tongue plate, groove plate and special screws. The design of the individual plates takes particular account of ease of assembly and safety. Their manufacture, using high-strength saltwater-resistant aluminium, takes place in Austria. The hole axes are optimised in terms of number, position and orientation for the predominant loads. For secure location in the presence of lifting wind suction or on mullion and transom façades, the locking screw is applied.

CLT Connectors:

The SHERPA CLT-Connector can be used for corner joints, T-joints and longitudinal joints as well as for wall connections, ceiling connections and ceiling joints. Optimised for 3 and 5-layer cross-laminated timber elements, the SHERPA CLT-Connector is pre-installed in the solid wood boards, flush with surfaces and edges, during the prefabrication phase and delivered to the construction site ready to mount. It sets new standards in fabrication speed and quality assurance.

Fire Stop 2.5:

Connection joints up to 5 mm can achieve fire resistances of R30, R60, R90 and R120 with SHERPA System Connectors, no problem. If the connector is installed visibly, without a recess, then the patented solution of SHERPA Fire Stop 2.5 fire protection laminate is used. This intumescent laminate reacts in the presence of fire, completely closing the joint and protecting the System Connector from direct exposure to heat.

Special Screws:

These SHERPA special screws have been developed specifically for each application. Consequently the screws have enlarged diameter under the countersunk head. This ensures a perfect fit in the holes and reduced deformation under load. Also, brittle fracture of the screw is ruled out. All Special Screws of 8 mm diameter have a half-tip, which ensures perfect initial penetration, reduced screw-in torque and small minimum edge distances.