Recently a local church in Victoria was given a face-lift by recoating the existing timbers with ADLER Lignovit in the colour ‘Naturgrau’ or Natural Grey.

A modern gathering space was added as an addition to the century-old church more than 10 years ago.

As the decorative external timber began to look weathered and started to rot, high-quality Lignovit Lasur was used to rejuvenate all external timber surfaces and provide long-lasting protection to the wood.

Lignovit is a water-based, thin-layered wood glaze with very good processability, high blocking resistance, good weather resistance, even degradation when weathered. The glaze contains antifungal and anti-mould properties.

ADLER Lignovit Lasur Deck

The universal product provides basic protection for all wooden structural elements and delivers a breathable, transparent surface. Flexible application methods with brushing, immersion or coating machines make this wood glaze easy to use.

With an Adler mix-machine here at Siegware in Australia, it is possible to mix whatever stain tint of glaze is required. Pigments are added for UV stability. It is easily re-coatable to have the look maintained in the future without sanding back.

Timber is a raw material that is natural and sustainable whilst also creating a beautiful and attractive appearance. Protected with Lignovit, this project is now well-equipped for the demands of the future.

For information on the Siegware range of Adler products see Paint timber coatings.

ADLER Lignovit Lasur Deck Colours