The latest Siegware Handles Catalogue has been released online and is now available for download. To enable easy selection, the catalogue features numerous ranges. Within each range, handles with similar styling and a variety of opening types have been compiled. This enables you to shop for a particular handle design that can be used in many ways, ie tilt & turn, balcony, lift& slide, entrance, etc, giving the end user continuity throughout the build.


Below is a quick summary of the different handle range options:

The Barcelona Range features the classic 1758 curved style with a rounded faceplate.

The Eureka Range features a sharper 90° angled handle with round grip and rounded faceplate.

The Hanover Range features a softened squared faceplate and grip.

The Victory Range features angled grip and rounded faceplate.

The Dublin Range features architectural squared design in a range of finishes.

Siegware Handles Catalogue is regularly updated as the products on offer increases. You can find the latest release on the Siegware website.