Otlav are specialists in window and door hinges. With a completely unique structure ensuring increased durability, Otlav concealed door hinges are designed to offer minimum friction and can support a door panel from 120kg, up to 150kg. Their unique design also keeps the hinge concealed within the frame, ensuring a flawless finish both inside and out.

Easy to install

Despite being a specialist piece of gear, Otlav concealed door hinges don’t require specialist tools to install. They also come pre-mounted, are incredibly cost efficient and are available in a range of unique finishes, perfect for any job.

Advantages for installers

As a builder or architect, using Otlav concealed door hinges are an incredible way to boost the aesthetics and functionality of your build.

One major benefit for fabricators and installers is that the Otlav hinges use coloured cover caps rather than coloured hinges. This feature allows the colour of the hinges to be easily changed in the factory or on site allowing greater flexibility. Fabricators can also greatly reduce the dollar amount of stock as they do not need to hold different colours of expensive hinges, only different colours of inexpensive cover caps.

Speak to the team at Siegware to discuss how Otlav concealed door hinges could benefit your next project or build.

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