Panic Door and emergency exit solutions – assembly-friendly, safe and convenient. The KFV hardware solution for emergency exit locks in accordance with EN 179, and for panic door locks in accordance with EN 1125, is as superbly reliable as it is efficient. It isn’t just in an emergency situation that every second counts – during production, time is still of the essence.

The KFV panic door solution is quick to fit, cuts the amount of milling required, and noticeably reduces costs, all thanks to its combination of a secondary sash centre part with drive rods and additional short threaded rods.

It is also quick and simple to fit and remove on-site: it is easy to set both the escape side and the DIN direction of the latch during installation, while the fact that there is no need to unhinge the sash during de-installation means this can be done by just one person.

KFV combines a high degree of safety with an easy-to-use locking system and maximum room comfort. When the inactive sash is opened in an emergency, the main sash also automatically unlocks, allowing the full opening width of the element for escape. The inactive sash hardware locks automatically on closing. For added comfort, KFV’s tried and tested locking technology also allows the active leaf to be opened with just a single turn of the cylinder key without the need to reposition one’s hands.

The comprehensive range also includes GEP GENIUS PANIC, a motorised solution for panic elements. The optional frame integrated mains adapter can be fully integrated during production and tested before it leaves the factory, so it is completely ‘plug-and-play’.