For uPVC sliding doors or windows with sash weights of up to 250kg.

In sliding doors, ECO SLIDE offers solutions for uPVC in dimensions ranging up to 4.40m wide by 2.20m high and up to 5m wide by 2.50m high for timber.

The operation is intuitive and effortless, the seal is continuous and efficient. The explicitly cost-effective and, if required, barrier-free hardware solution brings the ease of use of lift-slide systems and the compression of parallel slide & tilt down to one single common denominator, even for sliding windows. This is provided by the assembly-friendly, perfect combination of a unique seal, special bogie wheels and innovative guiding and locking elements at all four sash corners.


Force-controlled providing compression and reliability: Innovative guiding and locking elements.

They guide the sash at all four corners precisely and dampened into its closing position or intuitively trigger the night vent. The special ECO SLIDE sealing system consists of up to two continuous, circumferential sealing levels and the necessary sealing forces are force-controlled from the handle via the gear and transferred to the two locking hooks.

• High compression due to guiding and locking elements in each corner
• Intuitive, force-controlled operation with night vent function
• High resistance to misuse: Also ideal for changing user groups
• Wear-resistant locking bolts and hooks mounted on ball bearings made of high-quality cast brass
• uPVC stops absorb the impact noise
• Integrated height adjustment for optimised adjustment options
• The 16mm eurogroove is identical to that used in turn-and-tilt windows – no modifications required


Quality that you grasp immediately.

• Noiseless locking and unlocking free of play with lasting high functional reliability
• Ergonomic and contemporary design
• Free choice of colours: white, cream, brown, medium bronze, silver, titan matt light, F9 or black, can also be painted
• Large choice of versions ranging to the design with cylinder
• Perfectly coordinated with the hardware and the sash weight
• Matching the handles from the turn and tilt range in terms of colour and design

Bogie wheels

Gently raise the sash and slide it weightlessly.

Two or four ECO SLIDE bogie wheels gently absorb the put-down movement of the sash by a side movement and ensure an optimum gliding movement.

• Soundless and smooth-running sliding of sash weights up to 250kg
• Particularly low-maintenance
• Smart modular design: Load-bearing capacity up to 150kg with two bogie wheels; 150 – 250kg with four bogie wheels
• Three screwing variants: in the eurogroove, in the groove base or laterally
• The inner casing can be fixed for installation
• With grooves for sealing bushes

Soft close

As safe and gentle as a modern kitchen drawer.

There is a safe solution for the simple operation of sliding systems: The innovative SOFT CLOSE damper which can be invisibly integrated into the sash. This brakes the sash gently just before the end position and then pulls it shut automatically. This minimises any risk of injury in the case of improper operation and precludes any material damage.

• Prevents damage and injury caused by improper operation
• Simple and intuitive operation: Faulty switching is excluded
• Completely new sliding feeling through maximum smooth operation
• Easy to adjust
• Maintenance-free thanks to oil-lubricated gas pressure spring
• Perfect design: Fully concealed solution