PORTAL can do it – discover the possibilities

With PORTAL HS, you have a choice of gear, presenting your customers with more possibilities. In this way, manual ease of use can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements and the highest standards can be met. The selection begins with the type of lock – either classical with two or more sturdy locking bolts, or innovative and flush with up to four hook bolts.

Hook bolt gear – tight and secure without compromising Siegware Portal HS

Up to three hook bolts, with integrated blocking function, ensure effective, first-class sealing and high burglar resistance up to RC2. Absolutely flush when open, they slide over closing rollers into the frame part gently and without wear and reduce the gear load. The night vent is standard and the concealed pressure adjustment is +/- 2mm.

Even less operating force

A pre-assembled, ready-to-install damper unit is available as a comfort gear for these two locking types. A special spring hidden in the comfort gear uses the weight of the sash to reduce the torque and lift the sash even more easily. The handle is prevented from snapping back in an uncontrolled manner when the sash is lowered into the locking position.

The most sophisticated options for comfort and security