Recycling. Circular economy. Sustainability. Waste. Scrap. Recycling initiative. Waste stream. Upcycling.

They are all buzzwords you have heard more and more over the past few years.

The most important word is ACTION coupled with NOW.

Think Fencing has developed an innovative recycling system that allows a wide range of PVC scrap to be processed into a consistent processable polymer.  This technology is being further enhanced by the CSIRO with funding from Sustainability Victoria.

A recent collaboration with Ben Webster from aluplast Pty Ltd has resulted in the setting up of collection bins for aluplast fabricators that, once filled, are collected by their existing distribution network and returned.  The scrap is then processed using a stage 1 recycling shredder at aluplast’s Dandenong facility.

This 1st stage scrap is then transported to Think Fencing’s recycling plant for processing.  Think Fencing’s proprietary recycling process negates the requirements for excess manual processing creating an economic and viable long-term solution.

Jack Fitzgerald (Founder of Think Fencing) is using this technology to turn scrap PVC, which was once destined to landfill, into a high-quality decking product (Think Deck). 

If more companies band together and “Think” outside the box we can really make a difference. 

Watch this space.