120 NEUTRAL is particularly suitable for sealing insulating glass in wooden frames with water dilutable paint systems, as well as for sealing connection joints. Adheres well without primer, compatible with painted surfaces & abrasion-free.

120 NEUTRAL cures when exposed to air humidity releasing a chemically neutral cleavage product which does not cause corrosion of metals. 120 NEUTRAL adheres perfectly without priming to a wide variety of plastics, silicatic substrates, and metals (e.g. glass, PVC, aluminium, anodised aluminium, brass etc.) as well as water dilutable paint systems. The product contains fungicidal agents and it is UV-resistant.

120 NEUTRAL is suitable for sealing single panes and insulating glass in wood and metal frames, as well as for sealing frame structures, construction of ships and boats, iron structures, tanks, and construction of containers. Suitable for sealing U-profile/Profile glazing systems and is physiologically safe and inert when cured.