The nightmare for any burglar: Windows and doors with all-round security.

The trend is alarming: The burglary statistics are rising. It happens practically every minute and the damage can be considerable – not only to your belongings, but, above all, to the psyche. Because many burglary victims no longer feel safe in their own home. This should be reason enough to use modern burglar resistance measures for optimum protection.

In approximately 80% of burglaries, the perpetrator gains access by prying open a door or window. Without robust security hardware, this only takes a few seconds! Only doors and windows with a high resistance class will resist burglars because they make it practically impossible, or at least extremely time-consuming, to pry them open.

Effective burglar resistance always pursues the goal of stealing time from burglars. Because after two to three minutes almost every perpetrator will give up as the risk of detection increases with every further attempt. Consequently, the resistance class determines how long the doors and windows will resist different attacks and tools.

Resistance class RC2: the doors and windows provide up to 3 mins of effective resistance against screwdrivers, pincers and wedges.

Resistance class RC3: The doors and windows also resist burglary attempts with heavy tools such as crowbars for up to 5 mins.

It is easy to retrofit.

With SIEGENIA you can easily upgrade your existing windows to state-of-the-art technology with burglar resistance or retrofit significant comfort functions. And this is without destroying the appearance of the window by ugly “screw-on products”.