Making buildings weathertight can be tricky at times, especially in high performance buildings where airtightness is critical. Omega PoBit sealing compound is particularly useful in ensuring a weathertight and airtight seal in critical locations, such as the building base door threshold, window sills and penetration points.

Omega PoBit is a single component water-based elastomer bitumen sealant that can be applied onto almost any substrate. Its main advantages are:

  • UV durable
  • waterproof
  • permanantly elastic
  • can be applied and then plastered over
  • temperature resistant
  • flame-proof

Further information is available about Omega PoBit sealing compound in Siegware shop and on Siegware website.

If you have any questions or need technical advice, Andrew Ferguson (Siegware Operations Manager) is happy to help:

t: +61 3 5368 1181