Secure and efficient all round with the ALU modular system.

The ALU axxent PLUS system is the solution for contemporary room concepts and gives your production wings. Because it is the key to a contemporary window design, in which the hardware is fully concealed, and to considerably higher efficiency. As usual, this is based on the clever ALU modular system with the components to be ordered and the high degree of preassembly. With ALU axxent PLUS, the profile face width becomes narrower, the glazed surface larger and even the operation of large elements is durably safe and smooth-running. The high load capacity of up to 150 kg sash weight provides the necessary safety margins.

With a simple security upgrade, all ALU hardware systems easily fulfil the prerequisites for burglar resistance up to resistance class RC3. Hence you will be ideally placed for the protection of buildings with special security requirements and benefit from the greatly reduced number of components to be ordered thanks to the clever ALU modular system. Consistent intruder resistance is so quick and efficient.

The central locking gear is an integral part of our modular system. In this way you can easily order all necessary locking side components as one complete set for turn, turn and tilt or tilt-before-turn sashes and add to it with central locking gears depending on the window format. For turn and tilt or tilt-before-turn windows, a mishandling device is included in the components – either in the handle area or on the corner drive.

For the wide range of demands in residential and commercial construction, the ALU modular system and its other accessories are set up as strategic and forward-looking. This enhances your freedom of design to react quickly and flexibly to individual customer wishes. Naturally, accessories can easily be integrated into the production and combined with each other.

Hinge side and top stay:

• Completely concealed pivots for a perfect window design
• Extremely narrow profile face widths are possible: 210 mm for turning sashes and 380 mm for turn-and-tilt sashes
• Large opening angle of 110° in the turning position
• Lasting surface protection due to non-corrosive materials
• Intruder resistance up to RC3 is possible