The Siegenia HS Lift-Slide system features numerous components including the Eco Pass threshold, bogie wheels for up to 300kg and up to 400kg, sealing rails, soft close guiding rail and soft close damper.

Eco Pass threshold   

Energy efficiency and barrier-free systems as if from a single mould.

The unique 10-chamber profile of the Eco Pass threshold enables first class thermal insulation beyond the relevant standard and also minimises heating costs and the danger of condensation formation. Retrofittable step plates provide unrestricted convenience because only the running rail rises 5 mm above the threshold. This makes the solution barrier-free in accordance with DIN 18040 – and without compromising the compression.

•  10 chamber design allows for optimal thermal insulation
•  Risk of condensation is significantly reduced
•  Barrier-free in accordance with DIN 18040-2 due to retrofittable step plates and 5 mm running rail – without                         compromising the compression
•  Single piece solution with flush adaptation of the threshold to the installation depth of the frame
•  High stability: Tailor-made aluminium reinforcement and functional frame corner connectors
•  Removable running rail
•  Diverse programme of connection profiles for the perfect sill installation
•  Can be combined with Siegenia lift-slide drives

Bogie wheels – adjustable – up to 300kg

Ease and efficiency are a question of adjustment.

•  Integrated precision adjustment with readjustment reserves of 3 mm: Quick and easy lifting of the sash at the back
•  Saving time and costs for you: Flexible and secure adjustment of the sash during assembly and perfect tolerance                 equalisation
•  Greater ease of use for your customers: Smooth sliding motion with high compression thanks to optimum adjustment       opportunities on site
•  Suitable for sash weights of up to 300 kg

Sealing rails

Let neither heat nor burglars through.

With the Portal sealing rails for lift-slide systems you can increase the intruder resistance together with the compression and also provide effective protection against condensation, wind and driving rain.

Sealing rail C28/48: optimal horizontal insulation.

•  Optimised thermal separation through a multi-chamber sealing rail made of uPVC
•  Can also be mounted horizontally to seal the top sash area
•  With additional parts suitable for burglar resistance RC2
•  Easy, invisible fixing due to existing screw holes
•  Sash tolerance range +-/- 3mm in both directions
•  Optionally available with additional sealing brush

Soft close

As safe and gentle as a modern kitchen drawer.

There is a safe solution for the simple operation of lift-slide systems: The innovative soft close function which can be invisibly integrated into the sash. The solution consisting of a guiding rail and a damper brakes the sash gently just before the end position and then pulls it shut automatically. This minimises any risk of injury in the case of improper operation and precludes any material damage.

Soft close guiding rail

•  Particularly smooth and gentle ease of use for a completely new sliding feeling thanks to the unique, integrated roller         guide
•  Milled in flush for a perfect look
•  Also available in black for dark profiles

Soft close damper

•  Prevents damage and injury caused by improper operation
•  Simple and intuitive operation: Faulty switching is excluded
•  No annoying adjustment or readjustment: spring mounted, it automatically adapts to every sash position and                       compensates for tolerances
•  Maintenance-free thanks to oil-lubricated gas pressure spring
•  Perfect design: Fully concealed solution
•  Also available in black for dark profiles

Bogie wheels – non adjustable – up to 400kg

Permit even 400 kg to be effortlessly slid to and fro.

Even heavyweights can be operated as light as a feather when the sash load is evenly distributed on eight rollers. And the light incidence and energy efficiency increase when the bogie wheels are so low that the profiles become narrower. HS 400 compact bogie wheels therefore promote room comfort – and also your production.

•  Optimised, self-aligning load distribution onto 8 rollers for an effortless sliding motion and less wear
•  Higher light incidence and better U-values
•  Shortened assembly time by dispensing with a tandem solution for 300–400 kg
•  Opportunity for cost reductions and more stability at the bottom sash edge: Leaner profile sections with up to 12 mm         less groove depth