Made from stainless steel, with all the advantages of this high quality material – a stylish contemporary look and an exceptionally long service life, TITAN AF-X is designed to meet the requirements of Resistance Class RC2 and provides impressive intruder resistance.

This innovative hardware opens up new creative opportunities for architects, as it beautifully compliments high quality window handles, door handles and façade elements, creating room comfort in high-end properties.

This stainless steel hardware is also impressively tough and very corrosion resistant, ideal for buildings exposed to an extreme climate, e.g. on the coast. Because it is resistant to a wide range of acids and alkalis, TITAN AF-X is also great for timber windows made from oaks or Accoya, or others which release tannic acids. In contrast to coated hardware, stainless steel remains almost completely corrosion resistant even when the surface is damaged.

TITAN AF-X also saves time and money in assembly, because it is designed for compatibility with the TITAN AF hardware series. This means it can be incorporated into production at any time without the need for retooling.