From 23rd April 2018, Siegware will start phasing out the old FAVORIT tilt and turn system to make room for the new TITAN AF system.

Although TITAN AF has been available for some time, the transition process from old to new hardware takes a number of years. Over the past year we have seen SIEGENIA begin to significantly reduce the FAVORIT range. Configurations such as arched and French windows are no longer available within FAVORIT, as well as Elook coastal finishes, and additional parts such as energy saving stays and adjustable break stays. Not to panic, these extended products plus new additions still exist within TITAN AF.

As part of the rollover, Siegware will be implementing new pricing for all Tilt and Turn hardware. It’s not all bad news as we have received additional discount from SIEGENIA on all TITAN AF products, however this has also been adjusted with our FAVORIT prices receiving a small increase.

From 23rd April we will see a reduction in price of between 15%-18% to all TITAN AF products and an increase of about 8%-10% to all FAVORIT items. The additional discounts to TITAN AF will enable fabricators to transition hardware with very little disruption to pricing. We encourage all our manufacturers to start their hardware changeover as soon as possible to gain the full benefits when the pricing changeover comes into effect. This includes running down FAVORIT stock where possible.

Please be aware that this amendment only applies to tilt & turn hardware, including windows, doors and French/double setups. All other windows, such as casement/sliding, or doors, such as lift slide and tilt slide, are not affected.

If you are concerned about how the changeover affects your business or have further questions please call Chris at the Siegware office.