For uPVC fabricators of windows and doors

Tilt & turn / Tilt before turn

The European standard window system offers superior ventilation, dual plane operation and seal compression while closed.

Tilt only

Hinged on the bottom and inward opening at the top allowing hot air to escape. Motorised openers also available.

Awning & casement

Traditional outward opening system using friction stays or hinges, and multi-point locking for security and seal compression.

Outward operators

Outward opening window operators for awning and casement window systems. Locking and non-locking available.

Swing doors

Left or right opening swing doors are able to open to the inside or out, features multi-point locking, range of size options available.


Self balancing stainless steel bogies from 80 to 150kg sash weights. With multi-point locks for added security.

Lift & slide

Up to 400kg slider weight with opening width of up to 12m, the hardware enables easy operation and optional motorisation.

Tilt slide

With easy operation and assembly, the tilt slide is designed for sash weights of up to 100kg, and the tilt function allows for ventilation.

Eco Slide

Portal Eco Slide (or Smart Slide) is designed for sliding doors and windows with sash weights of up to 250kg. 


Able to fold & slide elements with up to seven elements weighing up to 80kg per sash, allowing opening widths of up to 6.3m.


Operated with the touch of a button or integrated into the building automation, enabling fully automatic window ventilation.

Lock cylinders

The key operated lock cylinder works in conjuction with multi-point locking to offer superior security.

Door closers

Adjustable speed controls and spring loaded, the closer ensures that the door closes in a controlled manner.


Standard panel size of 2150/900mm – Foils include Skai Cool Colour technology for durabilty in harsh UV environments – Stylish double glazed window inserts rated at Ug 1.1 W/m²K. In house production of some panels is also available to allow for different colours on the inside or outside


Automatic with quiet operation and features include maximum heat recovery, pollen or fine dust filters, and humidity control.

Tools & restrictors

A comprehensive range of window restrictors to limit opening sizes, and tools for glazing and construction works.

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