Custom orders with Siegware are now available for freud window tooling systems. Made in Italy, save time and money with these quality products.

Increased productivity:  H.S.I. – ISOprofil technology at high speed

• freud exclusive locking system allows the use of ISOprofil re-sharpenable knives at high rotating speed and at extreme feed-rates

• H.S.I. improves the machine performance, enabling a higher production in less time

The easy access to the knives and their fast re-positioning reduces both the set-up and the maintenance time.

Up to 50% savings on spare parts:  6x re-sharpenable knife

• This unique system combines an outstanding cut precision with significant cost savings on spare parts

• Excellent return on investment due to a high performance system and longer life time components – after re-sharpening, the knife performs as brand new

Maximized efficiency:  Split-Edge knife

• Reduce cutting pressure and prevent edge chip out with freud Split-Edge knife

• Enhanced productivity and increased profitability for the flawless profiling of door and window joints